Our Partners

We are proud to work with our partners in China.  We believe in transparency, and do our best to inform our customers about how and where we manufacture our products.

B nature follows fair labor standards in producing our line of organically grown baby wear.  Our two factories in Canton and Shandong provinces of China, where our 100% organic cotton is grown and manufactured, follow Fair Trade guidelines: Our farmers and producers earn living wages and maintain excellent working conditions.

What is Fair Trade?
"Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade."  (IFAT- International Fair Trade Association)

"The mission of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) is to combine the efforts of industry, civil society organizations, and colleges and universities to protect workers' rights and improve working conditions worldwide by promoting adherence to international labor standards."

Outsourcing is a common practice in the age of globalization.  Companies often chose to outsource technology, labor and manufacturing to developing countries to keep costs down and cut prices to the consumer.  But with outsourcing, work standards and ethics sometimes get lost and laborers don't get the conditions or wages they deserve for their efforts.  Fair Trade and Fair Labor are ways of keeping things fair regardless of where the outsourcing happens.

As consumer's knowledge surrounding Fair Trade and Labor issues increases, buyers are demanding companies assume responsibility for the working conditions and standards used by their partners.  Increasing numbers of companies are implementing fair trade and labor policies thereby insuring that farmers and manufacturers worldwide increasingly earn their fair share.

B nature believes that there is more to a label than the stitching.  We stand behind our label, just as we stand behind our global partners and their rights to work under fair standards.